Difficult Circumstances

Back in 8th grade I was bullied by a new person at the school. To some it may seem small, but to me it was everything as I lost all of my friends at school. I went to a small Christian school so everyone knew everyone, which in my case made things worse. Rumors were being spread about me and very quickly no one in the middle school or high school would talk to me. As a result, this event had a huge impact on me. I was very depressed and eventually even had thoughts of suicide. I pushed them down and for the longest time kept the thoughts to myself as I knew people would look down on me. I lost trust in humanity as most of my friends I knew since first grade, but that did not play a difference. A couple years down the road I learned that despite that difficult circumstance that I grew so much through that situation. I learned that there are good people out there that can be trusted. I learned my worth. Most importantly, I learned that through it all God is truly there and walking right by my side. The people that have been instrumental for me were my high school classmates as they helped me navigate life and learn that people can be trusted, well the right ones can be trusted. Two of my dear friends Libby and Kaitlyn. My parents. And then two organizations. One is To Write Love on Her Arms and the second is So Worth Loving. So Worth Loving has been huge for me as it has been a foundational reminder that my past does not define my worth!