God of the Big and Small

By: Elisa John

We all remember the iconic scene in the movie Aladdin where Aladdin asks, “Do you trust me?” as Jasmine eagerly accepts his outstretched hand, marking the beginning of a magical adventure. While this moment is incredibly recognizable, it’s also wildly unrealistic. If you’re like me, you would never trust a total stranger to transform your entire destiny. After betrayals severely wounded us, hopes crashed down over our shoulders, and dreams became mere fantasies, it’s no surprise that we are afraid to give up possession of our most thoughtfully crafted plans. In a world defined by brokenness, where vulnerability is manipulated and exploited, faith in man isn't just unnatural at times, but it can also be foolish. However, placing faith in a supernatural God isn’t based on rash decisions; it’s a result of cultivating a beautiful, intimate relationship with our caring Father.

Faith is a verb, not a noun. It represents a daily, active commitment to surrender our hopes, worries, and aspirations before a loving Savior. The unbelievable miracles we witness are an accumulation of years of obeying God, not just with our deepest struggles but also with our most ordinary moments. For instance, through quarantine, I’ve significantly grown in my relationship with God as I started prioritizing Him over my agenda. His Word reinvigorated and revitalized me as He intentionally spoke life over my soul. He instilled in me a craving that can only be satisfied by His fulfilling presence. While there’ve been countless days when I’ve allowed my schedule and selfishness to distract me from meditating on His Word and praying with purpose, God perfectly uses each moment, both the good and the ugly, to point back to His love. It’s truly amazing what occurs when Jesus becomes our whole life instead of just one aspect of it. When the roar of the thunderous waves overwhelms our spirits, we can act boldly and courageously due to the words of hope our Father whispers to us in His still, small voice.

God perfectly positions each of us to move mountains for His glory and purpose. However, it’s so easy to allow our doubts and fears to prevent us from walking in obedience. I know from personal experiences that overthinking, insecurities, and feelings of inadequacy are extremely destructive. You’re not alone. Esther was terrified to speak for truth, Moses felt unqualified to lead a nation to freedom, and Elijah ran away from his divine calling. We’ve all been there, but God never leaves us there. Faith isn’t dependent on our limited abilities, others’ failures, or temporary circumstances. It’s built on the cornerstone of Christ- an almighty, perfect Savior who generously showers His love upon His children. We don’t need to have the strength to get through life on our own because our strength resides in the Creator of the universe. Although we might not ever fully comprehend God’s plan, we can trust it because He promises that He will work all things together for our good.

God uses our small acts of obedience to fulfill His mighty, powerful calling over our lives. Our personal relationship with Him equips us to stand firm and courageously in our faith. While this life is full of scary twists and turns, we can always rest in our Father’s constant, compassionate character.


  • Elisa John on 4/21/2021 12:21:49 AM

    Hi everyone! I'm so happy you are here. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, pray requests, or just need to talk. ❤

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